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Make a splash in the market with a one of a kind design from the Stationed Traveller Design Co.

Branding + Creative.

We work with you to design and create your brand to display, communicate and articulate your company’s vision, personality and purpose. We work through our branding roadmap to uncover, learn and execute your company’s vision by paying attention and asking the right questions. 

By establishing your brand’s foundation and purpose, and identifying the consumer experience, we can develop key messaging and create an identity and a logo that have a purpose and will leave a lasting impression. We utilize a collaborative approach, ensuring an enjoyable and exciting creative process. We will work with you closely on revisions, fine-tuning and tweaking to ensure we have comprehensively executed the perfect design for your company.

Once a logo has been established. we will work on a in-depth brand-guidelines and style guide, establishing your fonts, brand colours, positioning and brand image – for yourself, partners and affiliates to reference and utilize when marketing your brand. From print to digital, photography and videography, we will work with your brand to create collateral and campaigns that are creative and consistent with your tone and voice. 



We produce designs for your brand and make sure to work with you to reach an aesthetically pleasing result.


Extensive research into your market, reaching your target audiences means a holistic brand with strong consumer loyalty.


Content Creation

Curating and creating specialized content that evokes emotion and tells a story to your consumer.